Fuse is an essential component of electronic device.

As Fuse products become more sophisticated and precise to meet the challenges of complex and difficult problems, We get the trust of customers with our offerling Fuses by SkyGate,Eaton Bussmann, Hollyland,FUSETEC, Bencent, SEMBO, and INALWAYS.

Pico promises offering high added value materials adjusted to customers’ needs.
We also provide inventory and quality control based on our many years of monitoring market demand, and prompt shipment response.

The trust of our customers that we have cultivated is our strength.

Please refer to the following catalogue and our sales staff for the details.

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Fuse Engineering / Terminology / Selection Guide①P2
Fuse Engineering / Terminology / Selection Guide②P3
Fuse Engineering / Terminology / Selection Guide③ P4
Fuse Engineering / Terminology / Selection Guide④P5
Fuse Engineering / Terminology / Selection Guide⑤P6
Fuse Engineering / Terminology / Selection Guide⑥P7
SMD  Chip Fuse1 0402FTP8
SMD  Chip Fuse2 0603FTP9
High Current SMD Chip Fuse 1206FT-H/1206FT-HVP10
SMD  Chip Fuse4 1206FTP11 
SMD Wire Element Fus 11WP12 
SMD Wire Element Fuse (Normal Blow)  25HP13 
SMD Wire Element Fuse (Time Lag)  25TP14 
Telcom Wire Element Fuse  30HTP15 
Micro Fuse (Round Cap/Time Lag)  SRTP16 
Micro Fuse (Squared Cap/Time Lag)  SCTP17 
High Voltage Micro Fuse (Squared Cap/Time Lag)  SCHP18 
Micro Fuse (Normal Blow)  20NP19 
Micro Fuse (Time Lag)  20TP20 
IEC HBC 5×20 Ceramic Tube Fuse (Time Lag) SG5013P21 
IEC HBC 5×20 Ceramic Tube Fuse (Time Lag) SG5063P22 
IEC HBC 5×20 Ceramic Tube Fuse (Time Lag) S515 S505HP23 
IEC HBC 5×20 Ceramic Tube Fuse (Time Lag) – 50CTP24 
IEC LBC 5×20 Glass Tube Fuse (Time Lag) 50TP25 
UL 5×20 Glass Tube Fuse (Fast Acting) 51NM 52NMP26 
UL 5×20 Glass Tube Fuse (Time Lag) 51MS 52MSP27 
PSE B type 5×20 Glass Tube Fuse (Normal Blow, Time Lag) 51NR 52NR 51ST 52STP28 
UL 6×30 Glass Tube Fuse (Normal Blow, Time Lag) 61NM 62NM, 61MS 62MSP29 
UL 6×30 Ceramic Tube Fuse (Fast Acting, Time Lag) 65NM 65NM(P) 65TS 65TS(P)P30 
PSE B type 6×30 Glass Tube Fuse (Normal Blow, Time Lag) 61NR 62NR 61ST 62STP31 
High Speed Power Fuse QACP32 
High Speed Power Fuse QA QAB HQAP33 
High Speed Power Fuse (17.5Φ Bolt-Stuck Type) SF25 SF50 SF70P34 
High Speed Power Fuse (17.5Φ SMD Type) SFK25 SFK70P35 
High Speed Power Fuse (11Φ SMD Type) SSFK40 SSFK60P36 
High Speed Power Fuse (10Φ×38 Cartridge) Holder SSF60  STB-60P37 
High Speed Power Fuse SF100P38 
Automotive Power Fuse JDC SF70-200SPHP39 
Power Fuse Test Limiter   SGHK CJLP40 
High Speed Power Fuse FWH 170MP41 
Time Delay Power Fuse LPCC LPJP42 
Switch Fuse Holder CCPP43 
Fuse Holder   CH JT BC BMP44 
Distribution Block PDBFS PDBP45 
ESD Suppressor 1608SGXP46 
ESD Suppressor 1005SGXP47 
PTC Lead Type 30V   FRUP49 
PTC Lead Type 60V   FRXP50 
Bincent   GDTP51
 Bincent TSS & TVSP52 
 INALWAYS INLET 0707-1 & 0721-6 & 0721-2 & 0724P55 
TECK INLET  TU-301 & TU-333 & SO-222 & TU-320P56 
Thermal Fuse BTTP57 
Thermal Fuse BTAP58 
Thermal Fuse BTBP59 
Thermal Fuse BTCP60 
Thermal Fuse BTWP61 
Thermal Protector Thermostat KSDP62 
Thermal Protector Thermostat KSD②P63 
Thermal Protector Thermostat ATMP64 
Thermal Protector Thermostat ATM②P65 
Thermal Protector Thermostat KSTP66 
Thermal Protector Thermostat KST②P67 
 Cross-reference with the other companies productP68