PICO always give it our best shot to supply test probes and high quality fuses to electronic equipment industry and industrial machinery industry in Japan and other Asian countries.
In addition, we promote corporate activities that lead to customer satisfaction and environmental preservation.

Personalized Service
We endeavor to provide sincere service to our customers and all steakeholders.

・Individual Responsibility
Each employee of Pico aware of their duties and responsibilities in their work.
In addition, committed to continuous development to maximize performance.

Commitment to Customers
We promises to always respond quickly and politely to our customer.
Furthermore, we promise to continue to provide high quality and eco-friendly services to our customers through internal and external cooperative

Operating Integrated Management Systems
PICO operates our system in accordance with ISO9001,14001 requirements.
Through this system, we will continuously pursue higher quality customer satisfaction and environmental conservation.

Action guidance

For mission official statement implement, We promote five activities below.

・Propose appropriate products to improve customer satisfaction

・Compliance with customer requirements and relevant regulations

・Effort to eliminate Hazardous Chemical Substances Contained in all products.

・Promote recycling and reduce waste

・ Energy and Resource Savings

Our management policy is communicated to all employees and disclosed to the public requirment.

CEO message

We create the environment ーOur Corporate social responsibilityー

Today, the electrical industry is heading toward the new technology world, which is the foundation of a global strategic business.
Under the ever changing environment and market situation, PICO is challeging the latest technology.  

Over the 45years, PICO has been playing a role of producing quality electrical products by providing strategic scale activities and production service in computing network & communication/consumer industries.
With Strong belief and experience, PICO is trying to pursuit new challenges.

 -Competitiveness and Environmental Competence ー
These are our two Challenges.
“Competitiveness” is one of the most important keyword in every occasion nowadays.
Especially, in the electrical industry, copying with the rapid progress of technology and severe cost reduction become unavoidable factors to survive and having advantages among competitors

In the global economic world, PICO is aware of it’s nature/reality of the production at the early stage, which made the company succesful in leading others by creating its own strategic system.

PICO sets its production line and sales branches in China and improve production efficiency and convenience with its own quality system. It now, enables us to meet customer’s demand such as short lead time and cost down.

PICO also target “Protect the Environment” as its contribution by selecting & Purchasing raw materials in the prospect of “less harmful” to the earth.

We are promoting our products with a postive image as an enviroment friendly brand.

We believe that the integration of the two powers –competitiveness and environmental competence– will enchance the reliability from the customers and also assist us to develop our technology. PICO will keep growing up and challeging for the future.