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A probe precision the one which is indispensable to an examination for base of the electronics apparatus. A technological advance and the examination for base process of the product which it is precise, and becomes complicated and difficult year by year. It is a probe of QA technology company to get the trust of the visitor by continuing challenging these various problems.

QA technology company born in American New Hampshire in 1981 continues providing the product which can be relieved to visitors of the world by the quality control that there is not of a design getting original patent, the development of products of a new concept and the compromise.

Pico Co., Ltd. and QA technology company are the cause of the partnership of many years, development of products, the suggestion that they put together in the needs of the visitor, stock, the quality control with the monitor of the longtime market demand and prompt shipment correspondence. The trust that we cultivated is our ability.

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 Cover oO
Greetings  oP
 The head shape choice  oQ
 The 025-16 series  oR
The 039-16 series  oS
 The 039-25 series X31-25 series@  oT
The 039-25 series X31-25 seriesA  oU
 The 036-40 series X31-40 series@  oV
The 036-40 series X31-40 seriesA  oW
 The 050-05 series  oX
 The 050-16 series  oPO
 The 050-T25 series X39-25 series@  oPP
 The 050-T25 series X39-25 seriesA  oPQ
 The 050-R25 series@  oPR
 The 050-R25 seriesA  oPS
 The 050-T40 series X39-40 series@  oPT
 The 050-T40 series X39-40 seriesA  oPU
 The 050-R40 series@  oPV
 The 050-R40 seriesA  oPW
 The 075-25 series X50-25 series@  oPX
 The 075-25 series X50-25 seriesA  oQO
 The 075-40 series X50-40 series@  oQP
  The 075-40 series X50-40 seriesA  oQQ
 The 100-05 series  oQR
 The 100-16 series  oQS
 The 100-25 series X75-25 series@  oQT
 The 100-25 series X75-25 seriesA  oQU
 The 100-40 series X75-40 series@  oQV
 The 100-40 series X75-40 seriesA  oQW
The 125-25 series @  oQX
The 125-25 series A  oRO
The 156-25 series   oRP
The 187-25 series  oRQ
Interface probe  oRR
 The M08-89 series  oRS
 Double-Ended Sockets  oRT
 Double-Ended Termination Pins  oRU
 Tool @  oRV
 Tool A  oRW


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